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Pipe Cnc Plasma

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Portable pipe cnc cutting MS-TP by Meisar CNC is the most economical tube CNC plasma cutting machine,especially designed for round tube diameter not much huge(Diameter 30mm-600mm),and can add cnc metal plate cutting both.It provide your fabrication shops with the swift but economical metal tube CNC cutting solutions.
Advanced Structure
1.>Overall structure,good accuracy and good condition in long life.
2.>Suitable for diameter:30-300mm,50-600mm.
3.>Axis quantity 3 axis,2 interactive axis,saving cost.
4.>Taiwan linear guide+Train rail+G6 rack and pinion,Powerful step/Panasonic Servo+Planetary gear box;perfect running precise and stable transmission.
5.>Powerful CNC controller,pipe cutting and sheet cutting both available,safe operation,easy maintain.
6.>Visible operation for program,no need high skill and tech.
This Portable type Plasma Metal Pipe cutter machine,CNC metal tube cutting machine can cut mild steel pipe with flame cutting,and cut high carbon steel,stainless steel,aluminum,copper and other non-ferrous metal with Plasma cutting; it is widely applied in industries such as machinery,automobile,shipbuilding,petro-chemical,war industry,metallurgy,aerospace,boiler and pressure vessel,locomotive etc for metal tube cnc cutting.
RFQ:What kind of work this machine can do?
A:Metal pipe 2D shape profile on pipe. Round metal tube wall thickness 0.1-25mm and diameter 30-300mm,60-600mm.
After add metal sheet cutting function,also can cut Metal sheet thickness 0.1-85mm,width 1500*3000mm.
RFQ:Does it automatically cut bevel for pipe?
A:No,this is a 2 interact axis cnc cutting machine,it only can do 2D profile cutting on metal pipe or metal sheet,no auto bevel cutting function.
Bevel auto cutting need multiple axis cnc pipe cutting machine,say,our MS-TX.
Why select Meisar CNC?
High End!Professional!Create 100 Times Value for You!Pipe Cnc Plasma
website:http://www.meisarcnc.net/cnc-plasma-cut ... nc-plasma/